2007 John Deere X748

by Jarrod Dillen
(Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)

My family has recently purchased a used x748 off of our grandfather since he has moved into a retirement home. The lawnmower itself works like a charm. Our specific lawn mower has a 62" deck that makes cutting our large backyard a task to be completed in a short time.

One thing that is really great about the lawn mower is its capability of having many attachments available to it that makes it more useful then just cutting our lawn. Living in Michigan we get heavy snow every winter and having the 46" snow blower attachment makes clearing off our driveway and several other driveways in my neighborhood a piece of cake.

Having 4 wheel drive on the lawn mower allows us to drive it through heavy snow as well as mud during the summer without worrying about getting it stuck. We have used this model lawn mower to pull out our neighbors go-kart from a muddy field just like we would have with a truck pulling out a little car.

There are several other adapters to apply to this lawn mower that we have sold because we didn't use them, including a mulcher as well as a tiller. The model we have has a cup holder for holding nice bottles of water when mowing the lawn as well as arm rests for a nice comfortable experience with mowing. With headlights on the lawn mower it also makes mowing into the later evenings possible without missing any spots in the yard or field for our case.

For anyone looking for an all in one machine to do more then just your everyday lawn mowing capabilities this machine is a great buy. I highly recommend this model lawn mower because it has yet to break on us with normal maintenance. A great and reliable machine.

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Nov 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Looking for good s/hand one please...any ideas?

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