Alko 3.2 E Classic Electric Lawn Mower

by Anne Heyns

After many fruitless weekends spent going from shopping mall to shopping mall, my husband finally made up his mind and bought an Alko 3.2 E Classic Electric Lawn Mower about two months ago and for the first time I don't need to nag him to cut the lawn on a Saturday afternoon!

According to him, this is the most attractive and functional lawn mower one can have. With its quite good looking grass collection box the grass gets neatly cut and immediately discharged directly into it. No fuss and according to me, best of all, no mess! A feature that's to me an added bonus is that it isn't as noisy as the old one used to be. Another plus is that he needs no "special" tools to adjust the cutting heights, it is done quite easily by hand.

In his, not so humble, opinion, its best feature yet, is the connecting wheel-axles that always guarantees a straight cutting line and I must say our lawn does look professionally done with this feature.

Last Saturday, after much begging, he let me have a go at it with his new lawn mower and I must say it was so easy, I almost enjoyed walking behind it and cutting the lawn with perfection! This highly effective lawn mower is just what we needed for our small garden.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high performance machine and one that's really great value for money! The best part for me was of course the very affordable price for such quality. I think at only 79 Euro, it was definitely great value for our money!

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