American Lawn Mower Earthwise cordless electric mower

by Jen and Mark
(Phoenix AZ)

The lawn mower we chose was the American Lawn Earthwise cordless electric mower. There were a couple of things which were very important to us in choosing a lawn mower, because we have nearly an acre of land for a back yard, and it's important to make the lawn mowing as smooth and easy as possible for us.

The first thing we wanted to have was the ability to adjust the cut lengths. We have several completely different area of our yard with different grass types, so this was a vital thing. This mower delivers on that matter and is easy to adjust!

Another thing we wanted was a really good grass catcher. Again this mower provides that, in fact the grass catcher does an amazing job, and it also does it neatly.

One thing which I really love is how easy the battery is to charge, and the fact that it holds a charge for a good long time(I'd say about an hour and a half). What a wonderful change that is from dealing with the mess, smell, and noise level that gas mowers produce.

This mower also has a convenient indicator light that lets you know when the battery is getting low. This mower can cover our whole back yard on one charge, with battery juice to spare, and consider that we have quite a large yard. The only con I can think of with this mower is that it can be a little bit heavy to push, especially if you've been mowing for a while.

Overall, I would say it's extremely easy to use and makes mowing the lawn as easy and pleasurable as possible. It's really easy to push and it steers well. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Jul 29, 2009
O stars
by: Anonymous

If there was a 0 rating I would still be looking for lower. I had a broken leg last year and hired the lawn out for the summer. Lucky (?) this has a two year warrantee. The customer service center gave me two numbers right off, for people that DON'T work on these mowers. Let the battle begin. DON'T TOUCH THIS MOWER!

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