Bosch lawn Mower Rotac 37-li

I have this Bosch lawn mower to maintain my lawn. It had been gifted to me by a friend on seeing my interest in gardening. I have a small lawn where I could manage to use it with a lot of ease. I am new to using a lawn mower but I really find it easy and handy too. The batteries are to be charged and then used. It is very light weight.

I use to call my gardener for my lawns maintenance but now I trim the grasses using my Bosch lawn mower. The only difficult part of the lawn mower is the cleaning section of the grasses that collects in it, for the rest it is very fine to use.

Since it runs with battery it is simple to use as it works soon as it is charged for about ½ an hour. It is suitable for small and medium sized lawns. Even if the grasses are damp it cuts well. The motor is strong that it cuts through long and wet grasses. The battery charges faster than other conventional type batteries.

It has also got an adjustable handle hence the height can be adjusted to our requirements. The cutting height of the grass can also be adjusted. It is lot better than petrol type since petrol types are lot heavier and petrol may not be available always, while Bosch lawn mover need to be charged for 30 minutes to start using again. I think it is better to go for this model if you have a small or medium sized lawn.

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