Briggs & Strattin

by Susan

My husband and I bought our house two years ago. This was also the time that we purchased our first push mower. This mower has been great & preformed well on our 1/2 acre property. This mower has a few special features such as a mulcher and easy to use side bag.

My husband just entered grad school this year, so I have been doing all of the mowing. I have been extremely satisfied with its ease of use for a woman. It is nice to have a mower that starts on the first pull, as this can be difficult for some women.

I grew up with doing chores around my parents house and one of the chores we had to help with was the mowing. Starting the mower was always a difficulty for me, as I got tired even before I started to mow!

This mower starts like a charm. The mower also is self propelled. This doesn't drain a person half as fast as the older models of mowers used to. This by no means cuts your yard by itself, it simply makes pushing and dragging the mower easier. I have not used the bagging feature of this mower yet.

My husband has used this once and informed me that it was very easy to use. All in all, I would highly recommend any Briggs and Stratton mower to anyone.

It has made a nice transition to our new responsibility to our home that we will have to continue to use for years to come.

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Oct 02, 2011
briggs and strattin
by: Anonymous

they are putting their engines in cheaper lawn mowers that dont last.
Big W and a few others are selling them..
Not good quality, not long lasting. waist of money

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