Briggs & Stratton Yard Machine 17.5 HP/46"

by Joanie
(Kewanna, IN)

We live on four acres, though we don't mow it all. Most of the property consisted of a horse pasture before we moved here ten years ago, but we've let it grow & planted good trees.

At the same time, we have mown some cool paths throughout the pasture so that we can walk or run on it for exercise without going on the road.

We are happy with our Briggs & Stratton Yard Machine. We could never afford new riding mowers, so the three or four mowers we've used over the years were rebuilt, used, and given to us by a relative.

They weren't reliable and you never knew if you'd finish the lawn that day without a problem. Finally, we bought this used Briggs & Stratton yard machine with 17.5 horsepower/ 46 inch cutting space. We've had no trouble with it at all. It can mow over somewhat rough and bumpy ground, and when we need extra tall weeds trimmed back, it does the job.

It also makes relatively sharp turns, which saves time. It's powered by an Everstart battery. On the left you choose Forward, Neutral or Reverse. On the right is the brake pedal, and underneath it as a nice speed control pedal (like a gas pedal).

It's great because if your foot comes off the gas pedal at all it slows down quickly and stops. You control speed with your right foot at all times. It's dependable and doesn't drink oil so much.

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