Brill Razorcut 38 Push Reel Lawn Mower

by Jon

The Brill Razorcut is a modern, state of the art and hyper-efficient push lawnmower. We decided as a family to get a push lawnmower, because we just hated the noise of our old gas powered lawnmower. In addition, Green concerns pushed us in this direction, because it seems foolish to waste petrol and add unnecessarily to one’s carbon footprint all in the interest of keeping up a modest yard.

Our concern was only that the Razorcut would be a bit more dangerous, and a bit slower and more difficult to use than our old gas-powered lawnmower, since we would be pushing it ourselves.

The Razorcut isn’t particularly dangerous though, as it has a very well designed blade guard, which prevents a mower from mistakenly putting their errant feet into the whirring blades of the mower. It really lends me a strong sense of peace and safety to know that I won’t be chopping off toes by accident.

I was surprised to find that the Razorcut is quite easy to use, and this is because it is very lightly built and well engineered. I would say that it’s significantly easier to push than the old spinning blade, gas-powered monster we had.

Of course, the real benefit of the Brill Razorcut over a gas-powered lawnmower is its reduction in pollution and waste. The Mower produces next to no noise pollution, so I can mow in the early morning guilt free. It also doesn’t emit CFCs in its exhaust. Not having to buy gas is pretty sweet as well. Overall I would suggest the Razorcut.

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Mar 31, 2009
Very light
by: kamal

I got a brand new Brill Razorcut 38 about a week ago. I am quite impressed with looks, stability and design. Brill Razorcut 38 Mower is having an additional grass catcher. However the grass catcher is optional and can be ordered at will. The body style looks great with upgraded handle making it easier to push. This model works much similar to old welded steel mowers. It has five blades.

With yearly sharpening, it can be used for about four to five years. Welded steel blades allow the mower to remove the grass just below the bed knife and ensure longer durability. Weighing 17 pounds, it is very light can be lifted with one hand unlike its counterparts. Being lightweight it can be stored with ease by simply hanging over a wall. With 8 inches wide wheels and 38 cm wide blades it proves to be a good deal against its cost. Additional functionality include customization of cutting height. It can be anywhere between 15mm to 45 mm. This lawn mower may not suit your needs if you need to cut grass up to a higher range.

It takes about an hour for a lawn 9000 sq ft wide. I have a small playground and a yard to mow and razorcut is doing its job pretty well. Overall service and product is satisfactory compared to its price. Besides I do not need any gas, oil and I am saved from grass blowing obvious headaches. I could continue my conversation with a friend while I was mowing around. I am very pleased with overall performance of this mower. I was really delighted to see how well I could adjust the cutting height of the grass.

The precision cutting of the grass adds to my satisfaction. I am thankful to the website which recommended Brill Razorcut.

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