Broadmoor lawn tractor

by steve
(sault ste marie)

Great machine

I am very pleased with my cordless mower.
It may not be perfect for people mowing a large lawn. I do have a semi large lawn that is cut with a smaller mower. We use the Broadmoor riding mower. It is light and easy to move, cuts close to objects e.g walls and trees. It's sharp andI even once hit a rock and no problems as it wasn't a large one.

Hasn't let me down once yet and I don't intend to hope it does. For my family of 5 it;s also easy for other family members to use and ride around or I can simply also lend it to a family member for there yard. I got this Riding Lawn Mower when it was on special and I don't regret it. I use it on the mulch set up unless the grass is really long. Even cuts wet grass with no problems.

Don't let the price fool you as it is a delicacy of a mower and does really nice work. also comes with a great payment plan if you cannot simply purchase which for some is more necessary and leniant on credit.

All in all if you want a reliable riding tractor to suit your needs and get any job done in knee high grass or simply a hot day on the yard then this is the mower for you!

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