Cox Lawn Boss Ride on mower

by Adrian
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

What we have here is a solid piece of no frills no gimmicks lawn equipment. The Lawn Boss is one of the most affordable models ever made it offers a good solid build with the peace of mind having excellent reliability if you opt for the Honda V Twin sure the Briggs and Stratton model is quite capable, but being able to have that good old Honda reliability is a bonus.

For the price of this machine you can’t go past some of the excellent options that are available to you these include the ‘Tuff Torq’ hydrostatic transmission fitted as standard- is a very smooth and capable transmission Pivoting front axle – just like more expensive mowers, Lawn Boss’ front axle-pivots giving you the stability you need and preventing unwanted chassis stress.

Formed and welded, heavy gauge, steel cutting decks- to get you through the toughest turf.

This Machine is perfect for small Lots of 2-5 acres it is not made to compare with the big boys who can tear down a small Brazilian rainforest just for kicks. It is made for people who have got larger than normal properties where the normal mower just won’t do.

If there are any bad points about this little one, it is that front wheel arm steel is possibly a bit too thin but if looked after and kept maintained they should remain trouble free, for at least the life of that Honda V twin or event better the life of you.

In summary this little ride on is not made to be dash and flash. It is made to be reliable if looked after. It is made to be used for small to medium acreage lots not to mow half the planet. If no frills value for money is what you are after then I would highly recommend this piece of Machinery.

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