Craftsman 17.5 hp tractor

I live in good old Pa and I purchased this great tractor from a local sears store. It was real nice because my new mower was delivered the very same day. I strongly recommend anyone looking to buy a mower visit their sears store.

I have a craftsman riding lawnmower. The mower weighs approximatly 500 lbs. The craftsman has a manual six speed trany.

The engine is a Briggs & Stratton. The fuel Capacity is about one and one forth gallon. The seat is adjustable and even has a cup holder! The cutting range is about one and a half inch to four inches and has one cutting position.
Enough about all that lets get talking about how I feel about it.

Well for $999.99 you can't ask for a better price,I can mow an acre and a half real fast and the seats very comfy. I love this mower so much, not only do I use it on my own yard I also mow my neighbors, and when i am done with that I load it up on the trailer and go to visit the parents and in-laws.

I have no worries with this tractor, I like the idea of a removable oil filter and oil plug, this option i did not have on my old mower.

My craftsman not only gets used in the summer but winter also now that I have a plow, it sure saves the ache on you're back from using shovels. Like I said before I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a great tractor for all year around, it wont let you down like some cheap mowers.

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