Craftsman 22" mulcher

by david
(Alabaster, Alabama)

The mower is still a mystery to me. I bought it for $15 at a yard sale Fri. They said it didn't run but all I did was put in fresh gas, new plug, and a pint of oil and it cranked on the 1st pull. I don't know what size Briggs and Stratton motor it has. And any help is really appreciated!!! The mower is green with yellow writing (22" Mulcher") (Craftsman) and yellow rims also. the rear rims are big like off a bike.

The codes I found has the family #:YBSXS.1901VC 274466 Not for sale in California.

There was also a code stamped into a heatshield tin over the exhaust. I don't know if it's important or not so I put it on to be safe than sorry.
The Code is: 12H802-2684-B1-02061459. If you could help at all please drop e a line or call me on my cell. My name is Dave Mac (205)289-2514.

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