Craftsman 22in Rear Bag Front Propelled ( Sears # 07137647000)

by Peter

I purchased this mower during the Sears lawn and garden sale. I paid a little less than $300 for it. That includes a discount for signing up for a Sears card.

I wasn't going to get a key start model, but I'm glad I did. I don't mind pull-starting a mower, but the key start is a nice luxury. Supposedly one charge of the battery will start the mower over 100 times.

I have used the mower to cut my yard and a friend's yard a bunch of times now, with no problems. Overall, I would say the quality is very good and it operates well. The self-propel speed is variable, which is nice for maneuvering around the house and landscaping.

The large wheels in the back are helpful for mowing in areas where the ground is uneven. This is nice for me since our grass is patchy in some places, and it gets pretty bumpy. They seem a bit flimsy though, like they will break before too long.

The front propel unit makes the front end of the mower pretty heavy. This makes it a little more difficult to lift the front wheels up to turn the mower around after each pass. Since I'm very tall, this tends to put a little more stress on my lower back.

The engine seems to run strong but seems to use more gas than I had expected. It gets bogged down by thicker patches of grass, which is a little disappointing. I would have expected it to be more robust. Maybe it just needs to be broken in.

The bag attachment is a little tricky at first. Once I got used to it though, I liked it. The optional side discharge is a nice feature too. I use it almost all the time.

Overall, I don't regret my purchase, and I'd recommend a craftsman mower to anyone. I've used several, without any problems.


value, large rear wheels, self propelled, key start, 4-cycle engine, bag or side discharge


front-heavy, flimsy wheels, fuel consumption, slows down in thick grass

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Aug 07, 2011
Not worth the money
by: Hal Tyler

I purchased this mower three years ago when we moved to a new house with a corner lot. The key starter stopped working after the first year. Fortunately, the pull starter usually works on the first pull, but it's frustating not being ableto use the key.

The wheels are flimsy. The front wheels that are used to propel the mower have plastic gear teeth that wear pretty quickly. Once they are stripped, they need to be replaced. I have already replaced them once. The big rear wheels are flimsy, too.

Although the mower has a big engine, it completely stalls in thick grass. In So. Louisiana in the summer, this is completely unacceptable. I have to either bag my grass or use the side discharge because the mulching features is useless.

If you are looking for some good excercise in the summer sun, this is the mower for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

May 23, 2009
A terrific mower
by: Daria

This is a terrific mower. We've owned ours for just over a year, and we love it! It was slightly more expensive than we'd originally budgeted for, but in retrospect it was entirely worth it. We enjoy that you can bag your clippings OR mulch them, depending on which setting you choose. The cut it delivers is clean and crisp, and you're able to push fairly quickly and still not have to go back over any areas. The cutting swath is nice and wide: 22 inches, so you get your yard done in fewer passes.

This mower comes equipped with a washing feature that makes it really easy to clean grass clippings and other debris from the deck of the machine; my husband loves this, since he's kind of a neat freak and hates the look of a dirty lawn mower sitting in the garage all summer long. :D

This mower is power-propelled; the cord that comes with it is long enough that we don't have to use an extension cord for our yard (which is a small-to-medium sized yard). If you have a larger area to mow, you can easily hook the mower up to an extension cord to avoid having to move it around to different plugs outside your home.
The noise factor is rather low on this mower, which was a very pleasant surprise. Of course, it is a lawn mower so it's not quiet, but it's definitely a little softer than the previous models we've owned.

I also personally enjoy the look of this model; the shiny black exterior looks neat, clean and modern. Seems like a silly thing to be concerned about with a piece of yard equipment, but I do enjoy it. Also the bag is quite large, so unless you have a VERY large yard you shouldn't have to empty it while mowing. The bag detaches easily and locks in place, so you don't have to worry about it becoming dislodged during mowing.

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