Craftsman 27155 Riding Mower

by Matt
(New Hampshire)

We've had this riding mower by Craftsman for about 5 years now. It has been the greatest mower we've had. We've always had used older models and various brand of riding mowers but when we saw this one at Sears it was a great deal!

I can't remember the exact price but we got this brand new for right around $800.

This mower just cuts and cuts and cuts. After pulling from storage (which we plan on doing soon now that it's spring) all we have to do is clean teh plug and gas her up and she's ready to work. We sharpen the blades at the end of the season and store it indoors so there is no reason to worry about that.

This mower starts easy every time and other than running out of gas we have never had any problems with it.

It has a 42 inch cut path and it can make 18 inch turns so it's great for going around tight spots such as tress and shrubs. This mower doesn't have a bagger on it but unless your cutting really wet or thick grass there really isn't much of a need for it. Although Sears/Craftsman does make one it cost roughly $200.

The engine is strong enough for what we use it for and we generally cut in 4th gear and our 1 1/2 acres takes about 1 1/2hours to cut. We've had no engine problems over the past 5 years but we do make sure to change the oil and lube the fittings as the owner's manual says. It's very important to keep it clean.

Occasionally it will bog in thick grass and you'll have to clear the trap where the grass comes out. but that's about it.

The best safety feature on this machine is when you get off the seat the engine cut off so there is no chance you can stick you hand where they should be as it's running. But it does make it a pain to duck under trees because sometimes it dies which is a problem because I duck under quite a few.

If you keep on the annual maintenance I can assure you you'll be enjoying your mower for years to come!

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