Craftsman 28713

by Alan
(Marysville WA)

I have purchased my Craftsman riding lawn mower a few years ago now and it is still going strong. Each spring, I do a little maintenance and sharpen the blade. Then in the fall when I am done mowing for the season, I put things away and get it all cleaned out. I am sure these steps are the least maintenance required, but they have served me and my lawn mower well. It has been running for a few seasons now and I feel confident, it will be going for years.

One of the best features for me is the large size of the mowing deck. This model has a 46 inch mowing deck, which helps get the mowing done in a much shorter time. I think it does a good job with evenly cutting the grass at all the heights available and I love having a good bagging system for the clippings. I have had some attachments for the clippings on other mowers (push type lawn mowers) that did not really do the job well enough and I ended up raking it for the most part anyway.

This mower attaches to the bag well and does not leave a trail of clippings. I am always pleased when I get my lawn finished, and all I need to do is sit back and enjoy the finished product. I find the 20 hp engine to be fine for my terrain and I have a fairly steep grade in one section of my property. This mower takes it all in stride and keeps cutting. When I first got the mower, I was looking for a good warranty and this one had a 2 year warranty which I thought would take care of some of the problems I might encounter - the fact is, I never needed it.

So I think that fact speaks for itself! Overall I am pleased with every aspect of this mower and it works well on our 1.5 acres.

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