Craftsman 37073 Gas Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

by Antonio
(Gainesville, FL, USA)

I have a rather large yard that needs to be mowed at least once every week. I’d say it’s close to ¾ of an acre in size with a lot of pine trees in one part.

I do enjoy getting to go out and tend to the lawn and I find this mower, being self-propelled, makes the experience more enjoyable. Instead of having to force a mower around it propels me!

And unlike a riding mower I still get the feeling of being active and more connected to my land. One of the biggest problems I do have is, since I do bag the grass clipping 90% of the time, is having to stop mowing and dump out the bag into the wheel-barrow I’ll have positioned in spots around the yard.

I’ve heard of these double-bladed mowers that cut the grass into even smaller bits which increases the amount you can fit in the bag thus lower the amount of time you would have to stop to empty the bag..

Unfortunately I haven’t ever had the opportunity to use one of these double-bladed mower so I don’t really know if they would work as well as they claim. This mower gets the job done no problem. The lawn looks great afterwards.

I consider it decent as far as the amount of gas it takes to completely mow the yard. It’s a shard looking mower to boot!

The mower is reasonably sized as far as mowers go so I have very little trouble storing it in the garage. It is a cinch to use and the self-propel mechanism is simple to engage and disengage as needed.

Some areas of the yard it is better to just use manually to get in and out of tight areas that still require mowing.

As far as this craftsman model I consider it a very fine machine, well worth the price, and would recommend it to anyone in the same situation as myself.

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