Craftsman 37561

by Monica
(bayshore NY)

What ever you do don't buy this lawn mower I don’t know if it just me but this is horrible. I have replaced the spark plug already and I bought this in June then the pull cord snapped twice!! It cut the grass great at first but it seemed to get lazy, instead of pushing it I was dragging it all over the lawn mind you I have a very small cottage on ½ and acre.

So after going through so many problems with it I took back to sears and they gave me a new one. The first time I pulled the cord guess what happens; it snaps, take back again. This time I was smart spent a little extra and got a better lawn mower. I have to say I thought the lawn mower was great for the price, I mean after all it was a craftsman.

It was under two hundred dollars and looked nice, I though I was getting a steal evidently my wallet was getting stolen! If you can afford another fifty bucks to spend them by all means buy the next one up. I would recommend the craftsman 37667 oh my god this thing is great is literally self propels itself. Glides over the grass and is amazing you can find one fewer than three hundred now and it well worth it.

I bought this I have not looked back, if you want a gem then this is the one and the funny part is used less gas and had a bag so no raking unlike the other monster I bought.

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