Craftsman 38820

I always use a Craftsman 38820 lawn mower to keep my lawn short and neat. Its very powerful and always gets the job done for me.

I am extremely satisfied with it and would definitely recommend it to a friend. The only disadvantage to purchasing this lawnmower is that sometimes it can smell really bad for some reason, but the smell does not linger and will go away after you turn off the Craftsman 38820 lawnmower.

I just hope the smell is not toxic for me or anything like that, that could be harmful to the health of me and my entire family if they use the lawnmower to mow the lawn with.

It is surprisingly, very easy to maneuver, even for an uncoordinated person like me. Even though it is very heavy, the nice and really large and big wheels move very easily and smoothly when you push them. The filter and bag is very easy to clean as well.

I can usually mow the lawn in a lot less time than with other lawn mowers that I have used in the past.

There was no assembly required when I was building this lawn mower either.

This lawnmower is very cheap, and I think it should be affordable to almost anyone who is looking for a new, better, or secondary lawnmower for their friends and their family.

Sadly, this lawnmower does not include a comfort grip on the handle bar, which I wish it did because it would make it easier for me to push it.

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