Craftsman 38905 190cc 21" Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower

If you can get by with a push mower (instead of self-propelled), the Craftsman 38905 is a good blend of performance and value. This model can mulch, side discharge or bag clippings (bag included), but in comparison reviews, it mulches and bags better than it side-discharges. My grass is cut neatly and looks professional, I have a big yard and it gets the job done!

It works great. It starts on one pull, which I LOVE! I have had many neighbors come and borrow it for there yard. But a few problems i had with it was the wheels. One came lose one day and had to get someone to fix it for like thirty dollars. One other as the price that I paid. I paid two hundred and twenty five dollars but it is worth the cost, trust me! I also left it in the rain and the handle started to rust but there are many things you can do to cover it up. One good thing is the easy pull off bag, usually it takes an army to pull of the bag of a lawnmower but with this one its easy.

I would recommend this machine to anyone that has a flat lawn and wants there yard to look good fresh and excellent! I have had it for a year and it works just as good as when i bought it.

Rating 5 out of 5

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