Craftsman 46 in. Precision Cut Plus 22hp Lawn Tractor

by Robert

I bought my lawn tractor last winter and couldn't wait to use it. It had so much horse power that I was running around the yard in February just to feel how much pull it would have on some the hilly parts of my yard and it had no problems at all.

When Spring and the first cut came I couldn't wait. with those two 23" blades cutting there wasn't any grass short, tall or thick that it wouldn't breeze right through. Through the rainy season when the grass got taller, it handled it no problem. It handled turning around my many trees without any problems as it's turn radius is tremendous.

I also found that with putting the key in another position I was able to go in reverse and still cut, that is a great tool to have. I was able to cut all season and didn't have to maintain anything on the tractor, that is nothing needed to be worked on, nothing broke or needed attention, it is a very well-built piece of machinery.

It got great gas mileage as well. I have a 2.5 gallon container and I had to fill it up three times the entire season. I have a very large yard as well, so I am very pleased with it's gas consumption.

My only negative comment, but it's really a safety feature, is that if you lift your body off the seat it cuts the engine. That is a great safety feature, but if you start to shift your weight or stretch, the engine starts to die.

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