Craftsman 5.5 Torque Rating 21 in. 2 in 1 Deck Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower

I've had the Craftsman 2 in 1 (Model #37174) for a little while now and it has been a pretty reliable mower. This Craftsman mower still cuts nicely. This mower comes with a Briggs and Stratton engine and has 5.5 ft-lbs of gross torque. It has a 21" dome style and a 2 in 1 deck. Some of the construction is a little cheap with some of the plastic, but as long as you don't use it for too many rough jobs it should be fine.

When using this mower it is probably best to have a full gas tank when priming the mower. It works well with out the bag or with the bag. The cord is pretty easy to pull for start as long as you have it primed properly.

You might have a little trouble with the height settings staying in place for the wheels as the mower is not greatly constructed, but this mower is a cheap mower that has a good value for the price. Even though this mower is not meant for huge mowing jobs it usually can take on most projects.

In the case of any push mower it helps to have a little bit of strength when pushing, but most people should be fine as the mower rolls pretty nicely. The blade may need sharpening after a while of use but that is to be expected of a lot of mowers.

This mower stays true to the saying you get what you pay for, but in this case you actually get a pretty good value for what you pay for and maybe even could say you get a little more than what you pay for. While this mower is not meant for huge jobs (like most push mowers) it still will be able to accomplish most things you throw at it. I would recommend this lawn mower to anyone who is looking to get a normal mowing job done and looking for a little big of bang for their buck to go with it. This mower runs anywhere from $170 to $220 generally.

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Apr 16, 2009
Runs vary smooth
by: sal

I purchase this craftsman mower model number 38819 in late April. I replaced my old craftsman mower which I had for the last five years. Compare to my old mower this one is a gas saver.

My old mower used a tank of gas for my half my yard (I have a small yard). Also this mower is not a heavy which is a plus if you have steep areas on your lawn like I do. My old mower was a pain to empty, I would have bang the side many times to get the cutting out.

This mower bag is design so the cuttings dropout easily. For is size it cuts quickly and through over grown area easy. It starts every time and turns easily even with a full bag.

The Dome deck allows me to do close trimming from both sides of the mower. Its large bag allows me to go more time without unloading the clippings. I have a lawn which is not level and the 5 quick position height adjusters allows me to adjust for the different cutting levels fast.

For my street area where it’s a little more sandy I remove the bag and use the mulching feature and this mower does a good job. The mower runs vary smooth, and a has low nose level.

The only issue I had so far is that after cutting the lawn in the early morning there is a build up of grass waste around the bag intake.

However this is most likely do the morning moisture and not the mower design.

I do recommend cleaning the mower underneath the deck because this build up can cause the mower to stall. It is a great buy for the size and the price

Apr 16, 2009
The engine is fairly gutless
by: John

This is my first lawn mower and I've already learned that, as far as lawn mowers go, you get what you pay for. I picked out the cheapest mower, thinking I didn't need any bells and whistles, but I ended up with a mower that doesn't even mow well.

It was simple enough to set up and get going the first time. I was able to get it started without dislocating my should, which was nice. I did a few laps back and forth to get the height setting right, which is set on each wheel separately.

The first thing I noticed is that the engine is fairly gutless. On patches of grass that had seen more growth you can hear the engine struggling, and it almost sounds like it's going to die. Consequently, you really have to lean in to it to get it over those areas.

And I'm a big guy, too, so I can only imagine the effort it would take some people to cut their grass with this.

Another quirk of this mower is that sometimes it just decides not to bag the grass at all. I'll finish the entire yard and have less than a handful of grass to throw away.

It may have something to do with the rubber flap that drags behind the mower deck (presumably to stop sticks and rocks from shooting out the back). Sometimes when you back the mower up this flap will flip under the mower and stay stuck there.

I find that if I "mind the flap" I'll generally end up with grass clippings in the bag.

All that said, I will live with this mower, but in hindsight I wish I'd done my research and splurged a bit.

Apr 16, 2009
A mower for males and females
by: Amanda

This is the first mower I have owned, and it's proven to be decent. Being a female, it was important to own a mower that was easy to use, as my husband is in the military and deploys on occasion, leaving the yard work to me. I needed to have a mower that wouldn't be a struggle to push or give me problems, that I could handle on my own if something went wrong.

We lucked out with the Craftsman 5.5 Torque model. It's one speed, mulches for hassle-free clean up, and folds neatly into our storage unit. It always cuts the grass very evenly, and makes it relaxing to cut crass even. I have never had issues with starting it. My husband said it was easy to assemble, and it has not needed any maintenance in three years.

We felt it was a bargain at around $220 with our military discount. Neighbors have borrowed our mower and returned it with no complaints as well. We are able to do both our front and back yard in about twenty-five minutes. It doesn’t smell and is not extremely noisy, and it came with a good warranty. I think it will last several more years. The only thing I would change is having it come in a color other than gray, but I know this doesn’t effect the performance at all.

Ultimately, my husband is happy to get out of mowing sometimes because we have a mower that I can use, too!

Apr 16, 2009
Only buy if you plan to use it regularly
by: John

Craftsman 5.5 Torque Rating 21 in. 2-n-1 Deck Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower

This spring in bought a Craftsman 5.5 Torque Rating 21 in. 2-n-1 Deck Rear Bag Push Lawn Mower from Sears. Overall I am pleased with the mower.

However, if your in the market for a mower I think if you don't plan to use it regularly this may not be the best choice. I say this because I didn't start it for a couple of weeks after using it the first time and it gave hell to restart.

Other than that, for the price, it is well worth the purchase - especially the rear thrash bag.

I'll give it a 7 out of 10.

Apr 16, 2009
Easy to push and felt sturdy overall
by: Chris

I have used several mowers in the past and was generally happy with all of them. The time came to purchase a brand new mower, this was my first brand new one. I knew right a way that Sears was a good bet, the reason I chose Sears was because they have so many options and most are laid out right there for you to examine.

Price was an issue as I do not have a very large yard and didn't need any special features per se.

After reviewing the assorted mowers at the store I decided on one that was on sale because it did not differ too much from the other mowers in the same price range.

I chose the Craftsman 5.5 21 inch wide rear bag mower. I paid rough 170 dollars. This price was very attractive as most of the other mowers were 200+. Upon using the mower for the first time, I was very satisfied. It's easy to push, not any louder than most mowers, has a cutoff-squeeze handle and felt sturdy overall. The mower feels as if it should last me several years to come.

The collector bag was easy to remove, didn't vent too many particles in to the air and re attaches just as easily. I would recommend this mower to anyone on a budget and looking for a no frills, get the job done machine. As a side note, I also looked at home depot, lowe's, and ace hardware. Sears had the most selection and the best prices.

Apr 16, 2009
Affordable, reliable, easy to use mower.
by: Lee Mitchell

I used a manual mower for ten years before finally breaking down and purchasing a gas engine mower and have never looked back!

The Craftsman Mower I ended up buying was near the bottom of the range in walk-behind mowers, but the self-propelled rear wheel drive system was the final selling point that got my wallet out. I am very happy with the quality, durability, ease of use, and ease of cleaning that Craftsman engineered into the mower.

After a decade of watching my neighbors wrestling with their mowers start cords, I am still impressed with the ease that my little Briggs & Stratton engine provides me in starting and running. I have only to keep the oil topped up and the ail filter changed once a season.

The cutting blade is 22" wide, and the wheels are inset which ensures a complete lawn trim when you follow the path of the last pass edge to edge. This is a lot easier to manage than the multiple passes that my manual mower required.

I am sure that someday I will have to replace the muffler insert as my neighbors have told me is their experience with gas mowers, but I have had this Craftsman mower for three years so far without an appreciable increase in engine noise. If the longevity of the average Briggs & Stratton engine is any indication, I'll be replacing the frame of the mower before the engine!

I have one small problem that merits mention in a thorough review of my Craftsman mower. The attachment of the push-bar handle to the mower's frame is less than stellar. The bolts that secure the steel tubing to the sheet metal frame were not given nylon locking nuts and one of the nuts fell off while I was using the mower. This situation was not terribly dangerous, as the mower doesn't move very fast anyhow, but was still worth a few choice words from the operator (me) when the handle came loose. I have since replaced both bolts and nuts with locking nuts and thread locking compound just to be on the safe side.

Overall, I would recommend Craftsman lawnmowers to anyone seeking an affordable, reliable, easy to use mower.

Apr 16, 2009
Will not operate well on wet grass
by: Anonymous

The Sears Craftsman 5.50 Series is a good choice for light duty mowing. If you have a relatively small, all grass area to mow, say, 5000 square feet, this mower works well. It cuts a steady, even row.

The mower is not self-propelled, so it guarantees a good workout for the user. When full, the fuel tank will last approximately 40-50 minutes. The cutting length of the blade can be easily adjusted, as can the angle of the handle. The user also has the option to let the mower eject the grass out the side, mulch, or bag the clippings.

The machine has a primer button located on the engine and within easy reach. Once primed, it should ignite with no difficulty. This mower also comes with the standard safety feature on the handle.

The noise level is on par with other mowers in its size, and it has a standard Briggs & Stratton 5.50 engine.

The retail price of the mower can be a bit high, so it's better to purchase it on sale.

This mower has the advantage of carrying the trusted Craftsman name, so it comes with a standard warranty. An extended warranty is available, but is not really necessary. The mower will run well with regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

Sears advises regular maintenance to include removing the blade to be sharpened, changing the oil at the start of the mowing season, along with changing the spark plug and cleaning the air filter.

It is also a good idea to remove clippings from the underside as they have a tendency to build up. The unit will not operate well on wet grass.

Apr 08, 2009
It is worth every penny
by: Darius

I bought this lawn mower several months ago, and at first I had my doubts, but after a little use, I will admit it is worth every penny. I paid roughly $180 for it, and this is one decision I do not regret. When I purchased this mower, it came almost fully assembled (just needed to add the wheels and rear bag), and it was ready for action. I especially enjoyed how light the mower is, but still can be durable and does not have to be handled with care, or fear of breaking it, the mower handles branches and the occasional wood chips just fine.

In my opinion the Brigs & Stratton 5.5 torque engine is more than enough power for this machine, and starts right up, unlike other mowers that I have had to dislocate my arm attempting to start; and since I have a medium sized lawn, this does the job just fine. Much like other push lawn mowers, the wheels are manually adjustable for the length requirements of grass, and a collection bag located in the rear, for retrieving the clippings.

This mower uses what Craftsman calls their exclusive dust blocker, with the claim that the collection of debris can be done quicker; however, I did not really notice much of a change.

There is also a folding handle, and mulching blade. If anyone is like me, and thought that hundreds of dollars had to be spent on a mower to provide a quality look on a cut yard, I would suggest trying this model first.

Apr 08, 2009
Not the greatest piece of equipment on the market
by: Rachael

We purchased this lawn mower last summer when our original lawn mower croaked. It was a good price--about $200 for the mower. It works okay, but not great. It has an adjustable deck on it so we can cut our grass to the desired height, and it can mulch the grass clippings, as well as bag them. While it gets the job done, it is not the most efficient lawn mower out there.

We have a fairly small yard, so this lawn mower will work out for us, but we have discovered what a pain it can be when the grass gets really high, or if the grass is wet.

This push-behind lawn mower is not self-propelled, which isn't too big of an issue, except that it will die if it is forced too quickly through thick or wet grass. There is a lot of time spent re-starting this machine in order to complete the grass mowing. It also seems to take a lot of priming to start initially. The wheels are rather small and make turning in tight spots a bit difficult. The deck also has a tendency to shift out of place. Several times the deck of the mower dropped on one side, giving our grass a maimed haircut look.
As long as slower speeds are maintained, and the deck is checked throughout mowing, this lawn mower gets the job done.

It is not the greatest piece of equipment on the market, but for around two hundred bucks, it is what it is. Next time we may fork over a few extra dollars to buy a mower with a bit more torque and a self-propelled engine in order to make mowing the lawn a bit easier. Since our lawn is relatively small, it will certainly cut the mustard for us for now.

I wouldn't recommend this mower to anybody who has larger jobs to do, or who is easily frustrated!

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