Craftsman 6 Hp Deck Side Discharge Self-Propelled Mower

by James D.
(Dumfries, VA, USA)

We got this mower last summer after a Toro that we had for almost 20 years finally bit the dust. I'm a college student, so we wanted to get something that my mom could use when I was away.

She didn't use the old Toro because it was too heavy for her to push, so we decided to get a self-propelled one. She did some research online and found decent reviews on this mower, so we went to the hardware store and picked it up.

In short, I am here to take those online reviews down a peg. This mower is complete junk. We got the first one, brought it home, put it together and found out the propeller mechanism didn't work at all. So we went back the very next day and got an exchange for the same model.

The propel mechanism on this one did work, so we kept it. The thing about lawnmowers however, is that we only use them once every two weeks... so it's not like a car; if the warranty only covers the mower for a month, you're only going to use it twice. If the warranty is two months, that's still only 4 uses (I honestly can't remember which the warranty on this mower was). The point is, if you're not constantly using it like a car, you get much fewer chances to see if there is anything wrong with it.

And sure enough, we must have been lucky those first couple of uses, because the propel mechanism quickly stopped working on this one as well, and now it works literally at random for periods of a few minutes, with no discernable gaps between the times it does work. Also, a knob and bolt that screws into the arm didn't fit quite right, and ended up falling out, never to be found.

Finally, the frame is shaped so that the lever you use to raise or lower the mower off the ground isn't close enough to the holes, so it slipped right out of each hole and always ended at the lowest setting.

I would not recommend this mower to anyone.

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