Craftsman 6.25 Torque 22 in. deck rear bag front propelled mower

by Erin
(Cleveland, Ohio)

My husband and I absolutely LOVE this mower! When we were shopping for a new mower, we were very weary of the different brands and types that were offered, but we decided the way to combat that was to stick with a brand we knew and trusted, Craftsman.

Just as their reputation heralds, this is a fine piece of machinery. What I really love is the fact that it has higher wheels in the back and lower in the front.

This is great because it helps reduce the amount of kick out grass that would fall from the bag and sets the front propellers of the motor close enough to the grass to get the perfect cut each and every time.

The best feature about this mower is the ability to change between simple bagging and mulching without having to use any tools to do so. It is such a nice change to be able to decide and have a function that does both for you effortlessly.

The collection/mulching bag is also dust free which provides a comfort to those who have allergies like myself.

Pushing this beauty is a dream because it is very light weight and easy to handle when compared with other mowers of its kind.

It does the work while you don't have to!

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Jun 29, 2014
Used but reliable
by: Tampa

Bought this from someone off of Craigslist about two years ago. It's been strong and reliable. I don't use the automatic advancement so I save on fuel, but it starts quickly, deals with sticks and stuff, and keeps running soundly. Lately I'm facing some typical issues with any aging machine, but I'm happy with it. I think it's a good machine.

Apr 16, 2009
Instantly disappointed
by: Anonymous

I bought this mower last year from Sears, and was instantly disappointed in it. I bought it because it was inexpensive, but since it was a Craftsman, I assumed it would still be high quality.

I was wrong. This model is nothing but a headache.

Although it looks small, the mower is heavy and pushing it takes an excruciating amount of effort. The bag does not fit snuggly on the back of the mower, and so clippings often fly out in bunches, creating a huge mess in the yard.

The primer takes far more pushes than is recommended. (The suggested prime is 5; I often have to push it between 15-20 times.)

After one season, I needed to clean the oil filter. I looked online for the part, but it wasn't listed. I called the store, and they do not keep this in stock.

After shipping, it would have cost me over $30 just to change the oil filter- not a great deal when you can buy a used lawn mower on Craigslist for not much more.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on equipment right now, but I'm seriously considering getting a new one already. It's not worth the hassle of dealing with this once a week.

Do yourself a favor and spend a bit more money the first time around. Here is the link to the you can steer clear of it.

I would rate this mower 1 1/2 out of five starts.

Apr 16, 2009
For a tough mower, this guy delivers
by: Jake

I shopped around everywhere for a new mower, and I finally landed at Sears looking at a new Craftsman 22 inch bagging mower. It has a ton of features, and I really like the powerful engine (190CC Briggs & Straton).

My yard is pretty large, but I don't want a riding one because I like to get the exercise from walking in the yard. It's tough work, but at least this mower has the wheels that pull the mower along with it. I've got a lot of brush and limbs that fall from the trees in and around my yard, so I really needed a tough mower that could handle the job, and this big guy delivers.

I can run over as many limbs as I like, and the engine doesn't miss a beat. The blade has stayed pretty sharp for a while now, but I think I?m going to have to sharpen it sometime soon (only because I do so much heavy mowing).

The handles are comfortable and easy to hold on to, and from the few times I've uses the bag, it doesn't get in the way while you're mowing. I don't bag the clippings very much, so I can't really say how well the bag handles.

The wheels have been working nicely ever since I bought it, even through the heavy use from my yard. I like how big the back wheels are - easy to maneuver the mower to where I need it going. I've had a really good experience with this mower and Sears in general, so I'd recommend this to every one who has a yard to cut and doesn't want to get a riding mower.

Apr 16, 2009
Extremely heavy
by: Lisa S.

I purchased my lawnmower at the beginning of the summer (2008). I wanted a lawnmower that came from a reliable company and that would be easy for me to use. I have a good portion of grass I have to cut (2 acres) and I wanted a push mower that I could use with very little strain on myself.

I decided to purchase this lawnmower due to the fact that it was self-propelled and it had the 12” high rear wheels that were supposed to make it easier to navigate over uneven terrain. So far, I'm relatively pleased with the results.

The lawnmower was very easy to assemble out of the box. It is however, extremely heavy, so if you are a small person or not very strong, you may have a hard time getting it maneuvered around to assemble it. The mulching plate and bag attachments are easily removed or put into place, so changing them out is not a problem depending on your desires.

Pushing the lawnmower is a dream..for the most part. On even terrain, I can handle the mower with just one hand. It pulls along on it's own with no problem and there is very little strain involved. The only problem I find is that holding down the throttle bar and self-propelled handle are difficult for those with small hands, or very little hand strength.

The lawnmower is also extremely heavy, so in those areas where you have to maneuver the mower yourself and cannot use the self-propelled feature, it can be a bit difficult. It also does not maneuver very easy on uneven ground, so if you have even small divets or bumps in your yard, it can be difficult to get the mower over them.

Even so, I would highly recommend this lawnmower. It is very powerful and has no problem cutting through thick or tall grass. If your yard is extremely bumpy it may not be a great lawnmower choice for you, but otherwise it is a high quality lawnmower that is well worth it's price.

Jan 13, 2009
Good price but only one speed
by: Anonymous

After trying to fix the older lawn mower which we deemed hopeless, after awhile, maybe because I didn’t want to worry with it any more. The grass was growing higher so We finally got Craftsman 6.25 Torque 22 in. Front Propelled Lawn Mower, from Sears.

Good price for the craftsman name. it was cheaper then expected but I only needed it to do one thing on occasion so I wasn’t looking for anything spectacular. It was self propelled which I definitely wasn’t use to but it was very satisfying.

Which had the bag in the back for mulch, which was another plus for me and made raking leaves a lot easier then bagging them, and served as a good fertilizer. it basically did all the work for me and a good job at it. not having a big yard, but a fairly decent sized yard this fit perfectly for what I needed it for.

I didn’t like that it only had one speed, and it was something I wasn’t use to but after awhile I got pretty use to it. It cut the grass, without any issues at all I didn’t have to go over the same patch of grass over and over, like my other Lawnmower. only thing I didn’t like was sometimes the blade would be knocked off point and the bag didn’t pick up as well unless the mower was held a certain way.

Otherwise I was pretty surprised, I trust Craftsman and never had problems with it so overall Id give this a 4/5.

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