Craftsman 6.5 ft/lbs model #24A-030E099

by Jenifer
(Grovetown, GA)

It took me no more than 30 minutes to assemble this mower. And about the same amount of time to finish my front yard.

I loved how it collects the leaves, sticks, clipping and almost anything in its path. it has a protective guard across the front that helps by sucking up loose debris.

I was very happy with the performance of this mower. Its light enough that I can push it with ease , but still big enough that I don’t have to go back over spots two or three times to get my yard done.

But with performance come a nice price tag. i bought my unit at sears for $549.99. Of course now the price of the mower has dropped significantly. With other mowers I had a problem with the blades kicking up rocks and sticks and in turn throwing them in which ever direction, but with this mower

I don’t have to worry about cleaning up lawn clutter first, I can just run it over. The only things I found about the mower that I didn’t like are that the front of the mower sits too low, so if I try to go up a hill; it is a little bit difficult.

It doesn’t seem to have the self- propelled feature, or if it does it is not as strong as some others that I have tried. but all in all I like it, my husband likes it and I think it will be durable enough to last us for a relatively long time.

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