Craftsman 8.75 Torque 21 in. Deck Rear Bag Rear Propelled Lawn Mower

by Josh
(Chattanooga, TN)

This mower is a dream for a large yard on a hill! I purchased this mower from my local sears and I am thrilled with the performance. The variable speed rear propelled function is great.

It has plenty of getty-up to keep you going, but the variable speed function makes slowing and accelerating easy. When you need to slow down to turn; no more chasing after the mower as it runs away!

The Electric Key start is brilliantly easy. Plug it in for an hour and you can start the mower with the simple turn of the key for the duration of your mowing period. While the key start is amazingly useful, it pull starts as easily as any mower I've used. It doesn't fight you on the pull and it starts by the second pull every time so far. The bagging attachments attach/detach with the removal of a single easily removed screw.

The 8.75 torque rating is excellent for thick yards. It will not bog down forcing you to stop your mowing to clean out the deck. It also offers front and rear cutting deck height attachments to offer and angled cut for very high grass. There is a great hose attachment on the mower deck which makes clean up a breeze. The only 2 drawbacks that I would report would be as follows: first, the 21” cutting deck is a little small for the machine.

A machine with as much power as this one pushes out should have a smaller deck which would greatly reduce cutting time. Second; when not using the self-propelled function, the machine is very heavy to push.

It would have been beneficial to offer a self-propelled feature even when the blades are turned off. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this product if you have a hill and if you have thick grass!

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