Craftsman DGT 4000

by Brian
(Miami, FL, USA)

This lawnmower is a Craftsman DGT 4000 riding mower sold by Sears. It is powered by a 27 hp kohler engine, and has a 48" cutting deck.

The mower has ample power and rides fast enough to mow over two acres in a little over an hour and a half.

I have had no problems with the engine of the mower, starts easily, runs smooth, and have owned it for a little over 3 years now.

The only complaint about the mower is that the cutting deck becomes misaligned easily, requiring it to be adjusted for an even cutting of the grass.

When the deck is misaligned, it tends to cut deep into the grass on one side and leave the grass longer on the other side, requiring the grass to be recut for an even look.

Hitting even small tree roots hidden by the grass has caused the deck to become misaligned, roots small enough that you would figure the mower would not even hit.

The mower has enough power to tow a small trailer behind it, as I have installed a trailer hitch to the rear in order to move trailers and other stuff around my property.

Overall, I would recommend the Craftsman DGT 4000 mower to someone who has a large, open property, as it has a fast cutting speed and the potential to be a useful tool in the moving around of trailers and other items in the yard.

As long as you avoid tree roots, the deck stays aligned well, and should not cause any problems for the user.

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Jun 17, 2017
by: Wayne

I brought mine in 2004 used at sears with 42 hours on the meter. The engine a 27hp and a 48" deck. I install the deluxe too with heavy duty vinyl and the manual lever hitch. The only two problems l have had is the steering bushings and the deck. The steering l solved by upgrading to sealed bearings, one just below the steering wheel and three in the gear sector at the bottom of the steering shaft. The deck in sandy soil wears through and l will have to add metal underneath the deck to repair. I don't use a bagged and the way the deck is designed at the discharge outlet tends to wear out the plastic stone guard so l welded a shaped metal piece to the discharge opening so the grass and stones would not damage the guard. The engine is very powerful its large automotive type air filter and 5 gal gas tank makes it great for large yards or small farms. Most garden tractors today don't have heavy duty transmissions with 1" axles and 5 lug rear wheels and large front and rear tires. The full instrument panel with its amp, rpm and hour gauges are very nice, something you just don't see on anything today. I keep mine inside my shop and service it and clean it after each use. I don't mine saying that it looks almost brand new after 13 years of use and I don't plan on having to buying another because there's nothing out there to replace it.

Sep 23, 2015
DGT 4000 W/C
by: Leo 3

An EXCELLENT tractor. I've had mine since new in 2001 and just did my Mobil-1 oil change at 554hrs. The wife bought me another Craftsman garden tractor with the larger 54" deck so our water-cooled 'Big Red' has been retired to dedicated snow-blowing duty. I augmented the factory halogen headlights (BRIGHT!) with floodlights on the 48" blower, 144# of wheelweights w/chains, and 50# of boat battery on a weight tray in back that I wired parallel to the factory battery to ensure quick starts in the coldest of Wisconsin winters. This tractor is an absolute BEAST in moving snow 30' out of my way and I heartily recommend picking one up if you ever see one for sale. 14yrs and the only problem it's had is the seat cushion separated from the pan. Mine looks like I bought it last year. :)

Sep 03, 2015
Love it
by: Jim m

I purchased mine from a disgusted owner who said he couldn't afford to have break downs.
Now that I have PROPERLY fixed his Bubble gum and bailing wire repairs it is a very reliable unit.
I even have the liquid cooled engine and love it.
When you buy yours first step is to upgrade trans oil to 20/50.
I do not own a car and this mower allows me to go where I want when I want.
It pulls a garden wagon very well and my dog rides to get groceries.
In addition to transport duty I do all mowing on about 15 accumulated acres so my mowing for other people pays for my crusing fuel.
CAUTION 10 mpg is a good day for this very powerful machine.

Sep 29, 2011
model #
by: Anonymous

The model # under the seat on my dgt4000 is 917.275280. I have be able to pull the entire manual. My mower is not running ???? won't. When it does it only runs as much stater fluid I put in it. Good Luck. My e-mail is

Sep 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

RE: MODEL #: 91727528 Had to look it up today to order a par. t for ours and just happened to see your request....

Aug 15, 2011
need modle number on DGT 4000
by: tony

could someone please help me and give me the model number on the dgt 4000 the tag that holds the modle number on this mower is missing and i need to order parts but without the model its about impossibe to do any help would be greatly appresated.

May 08, 2009
by: Tug

I have just bought a used one I would like to know how that automatic transmition works. I cut very steep hills with it and it dont go up them as fast as it use to. I did not get any paper work with it. But i sure do love it.

Dec 03, 2008
My 4000 runs like a top!
by: Anonymous

I have the Craftsman DGT 4000. I purchased a few years ago and have been very happy with it's performance and reliability. It has a large mower deck (48") plenty of power with the 27 horse Koehler twin on it. I live in Minnesota so I have a snow plow attachment on it in winter and I love it. It definetly needs chains, wheel weights if you don't provide enough on the seat, not a problem with me;). It moves a lot of snow, I'm sure a snowblower attachment would be great too. Overall, extremely happy with the tractor. I also pull a plugger dethatcher and yard trailer behind with zero effort. I've hauled loads of landscaping rocks all over the yard and the hydrostatic transmission works flawlessly. Fires right up everytime. Never a problem, even in winter!
You need a little room though, it's not a tiny machine,if you've got half an acre or more you'll be good!

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