Craftsman EZ Mulch 3755 6.50HP

by Kimberly
(Iowa USA )

Craftsman EZ Mulch 3755 6.50HP is the lawn mower we own.This lawn mower works great and we love it.It is easy to use and since our yard is not that big it works great for us as well as does the job wonderfully.

The grass is always cut just right for us and would would not use another brand at this time.When shopping for a lawn mower we wanted something that at the time would fit our needs with size yard we have which we did.

Mower works like it should as it is bag less. Craftsman is a respectfully good name in the line of products that they have.

I never use to mow our lawn my husband did but now i do it due to this one that we have is easy for me to push and mow.Later on we like to get a lawn mower that we can ride on made by Craftsman but for now we like the one we have.

All summer using the lawn mower it has been doing really good and even gets some of those hard areas that we have in our yard just one but it gets it pretty well.Some lawns need different care and some folks go out and buy very expensive lawn mowers that well do not need for the size of there yard.We made sure do some research yes we did some and for our decision it was best for us with this model and make of lawn mowers. I would recommend Craftsman to anyone.

Growing up i remember my parents using one and other family members using the Craftsman Lawn Mower.I had some uncles who lived on farms and they used the riding ones which they needed those to do there size lawns which were pretty big.So all in all we enjoy our lawn mower and Craftsman is a name you can trust for sure.We do and love ours.

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