Craftsman front propelled 22" rear bag model 917.376450

by Greg Blank

I bought this mower in May of 2008. This mower and other Craftsman models designed same way have big design problems. The front wheel teeth design do not meet engineering standards and the plastic teeth wear out in the first or second season. The wheels on mine wore out by the end of the first 4 month season I had it. The teeth engagement is only 1.5mm deep (which is the depth of the tooth that is now missing)of the 7mm long teeth. This is a very bad design as the teeth will always wear out fast with insufficient teeth engagement - ask any mechanical engineer you know. Sears says they do not cover wheels in the two year warranty - even though the warranty does not say wheels are not covered.The wheels are costly and will run up your costs with yearly replacement. Also the wheel height adjustments are made of such thin metal, that when using the mower, they jump notches in height adjustments as you are mowing causing your lawn to mow at different heights.

The only good thing about this mower is the engine starts well every time.

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