Craftsman intek 4 ohv tractor

by bobby

I own a Craftsman lawnmower overall I would say it performs perfectly for a yard my size which is one acre. Now one of the main problems with it is if the grass is just a little wet then the bagger clog's up and then you can expect a bit of a mess unclogging it. It cuts my yard in about an hour and that seems to be good for me considering the fact that I am bagging all the grass.

Now the only other big problem I can think of is that when you turn is doesn't turn sharp enough so you can see how that could cause an issue when trying to cut your grass. There is the cons of my lawn mower now the pros are it cuts tall grass and wet grass without missing a spot to me that's impressive because no one wants to cut the same spot twice.

Another pro would be it doesn't burn a whole lot of gas and its fast two good qualities you would want to consider when choosing your next lawn mower. This is a low maintainance lawn mower cause i've owned it for two years and have not done anything to it other than add gas. Like a said earlier it is overall a very good lawn mower for the price, it is reliable, cheap, quick, comfortable, good on gas,and consistent on doing a good cut job so you don't have to work harder I recommend this lawn mower to anyone who is looking for all the qualities I just listed while at the same time doesn't mind a couple little flaws.

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