Craftsman Lawn Tractor

by Mindy
(Zephyrhills, FL USA)

I have a 42" cut Craftsman Lawn Tractor. I love the Silver Beast. It has never given me any trouble starting or running. Maintenance has been minimal. I did do an oil change, and I have replaced the deck belt twice since I've owned it(5 years now).

I own about 4 acres in South Carolina that I mow. With the 42" cut I can get the job done in about 2 hours. For my home in Florida, I have a smaller version of the same tractor,it's only 1/2 acre lot.

I found that my Craftsman Lawn Tractor gives a fairly soft ride (for a riding lawn mower). Since it does take me about 2 hours to mow my lawn, confort in the seat is important to me. My Craftsmanlawn Tractor has additional attachments available to make it an even more comfortable ride. The overhead sunshade take the heat of blazing sun off me, for a more comfortable ride.

Some of the other attachments that are available helps to make lawn maintenance easier as well. It has a pull behind leaf sweeper as well an a lawn aerator. My brother up in NY has the same mower and he bought the snowplow attactment. He said it works well.

I would recommend the Craftsman Lawn Tractor to any new home owner that is watching their pennies. It is resonably priced, has payment plans available, and with the many attachments available, can complete many of your outdoor tasks in a minimal amount of time.

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Nov 16, 2010
good job
by: Anonymous

- it is fairly quiet
- very easy to understand the directions

- it doesn't cover as much footage wise for a larger amount able to be mowed
- it loses oil faster than it should.

I have been mowing about five plus acres of land all of my life and rating the mower between 1 and 5, I would have to rate it approximatly a 4. The mower has 16 1/2 horsepower with a 42 inch cut. I would love to get a larger cut range in the future. The mower is a lovely green and turns corners very well. My nine year old daughter is absolutely capable of riding the craftsman herself. We are able to haul things and pull things with ease. The mower is easy on gas and can be run all day. We put the mower away under a sundeck when we are finished with it, but we have left it outside by mistake and nothing unfortunate has happened. As far as the outside, the craftsman does not rust and the controls do not harden into place.

I would recommend this mower for someone that has less land then us, but it can do very large areas in need be. Sears has done a good job. We will continue to use this mower either until we can afford another larger one or until it will not run anymore. Either way we will go through Sears or Craftsman for our mowing needs. I have recommended this brand to many of my friends and family. If you have any questions, you may email me at

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