Craftsman lawnmower model number 917.385390

Craftsman lawnmower model number 917.385390 This is a Craftsman Rotary lawn mower with a 4.75 horsepower motor, a 22 inch deck, and a side discharge chute. I use this Sears Craftsman lawnmower to mow my lawn, which is about 0.8 acres but too irregular to use a riding mower. It is a gasoline powered mower with a separate motor oil cap. (That is, it is not a two-stroke engine.)

The mower has a motor that is both power and fuel efficient. I appreciate how much difference there is between the fuel efficiency of different gasoline powered lawnmowers when cutting a lawn this size. This mower uses just half as much gas as my old mower. Because my lawn is irregular I can appreciate the value of having large rear wheels on this model.

It is fairly easy to lift the mower's front wheels off of the ground and maneuver on the back wheels to avoid objects in the yard. The blade is also fairly easy to replace. Changing the motor oil is more troublesome, however.

The oil drain plug is on the bottom of the mower, and quickly becomes rusted in place because it is constantly exposed to wet grass clippings. You can still change the motor oil by removing the oil cap and tipping the mower upside down to let the oil drain out the same way it went in.

However, to do this you must first drain or use all of the gas, or you will have a gas spill. The gas cap does not fit tightly enough to prevent the gas from spilling out, so you must be careful not to overfill the gat tank and not to tip the mower over or you will spill gas. The gas tank is fairly small as well, but since the mower is fuel efficient this is not a problem. The powerful motor has no problem with grass on a well maintained lawn, but this mower was never meant to clear brush. It is a side discharge mower. There is a mulching attachment, which is included, and a bagging attachment, which is sold separately, but both attachments are useless.

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Aug 17, 2013
sears warrenty is not good
by: ART

do not install replacment blade advanced mulching blade #07133036 or sears will say it void,s warrenty even tho it,s listed on box as a better replacment blade

May 27, 2013
Great mower
by: Anonymous

This is a great mower. Easy to start. Also has the key start. The bag is easily removed. Over all it is a well made mower. Had it 2 years without a bit of trouble.

Mar 22, 2009
A reliable, high quality lawn mower
by: Beth

This Craftsman Push Lawn Mower from Sears is an excellent value for the price. It is middle of the road as far as price goes, there are cheaper lawn mowers available, but they will not be nearly the quality of this one. However, you will get as much quality out of this lawn mower as you would out of a more expensive one.

This lawn mower is available exclusively from Sears. Some assembly is required, but it is not too complicated, just attaching the handle and either side discharge or mulching cover on the side of the lawn mower.

It is easy maintenance, just change the oil once a year or so, and sharpen the blade once every year. This push lawn mower can be used either as a side discharge or mulching mower depending on the attachment used.

The main positive aspect of this lawn mower is the fact that it is self propelled. This requires much less pushing on the part of the person using it. Simply push down a lever on the handle to engage or disengage the self propulsion. This makes the lawn mower much easier to maneuver.

This lawn mower starts easily and reliably by using a pull cord, and runs smoothly. If you keep the blade sharpened it does a great job of cutting even tall, thick grass. If your grass is very tall you may want to switch to the side discharge attachment or the mower tends to choke out due to grass building up underneath it while it is mulching. I have had this lawn mower for over four years and it still runs very well and does a good job of cutting grass with minimal but regular maintenance.

I would recommend this lawn mower to anyone, but especially someone who has a large yard or difficulty pushing a regular lawn mower since it is self propelled. This is a reliable, high quality lawn mower for a good price.

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