Craftsman Mfr. model #37563

by Keith
(Cleveland, OH USA)

We bought this Craftsman Lawnmower from Sears this Spring when our old mower died. So far we are very happy about our purchase. It is much quieter than our old mower and the 6.75 HP engine gives you the speed you need to get the job done quickly with less effort.

It also starts up like a champ on the first try. Even my wife can start this thing. It is self propelled and very easy to navigate.

The mulching feature works well, chopping the grass very finely, leaving much less mess and fewer grass clippings to be swept up.

Another key feature about this mower is the price - it is definitely a good deal and worth the money. We did some shopping around and found Sears to be the best deal.

Shortly after purchasing it we went to Sears to get a new water filter for our refridgerator and a gentlemen there was picking up the same mower that he had in for a "tune-up" I asked him how he liked it and his response was that he "loved it!" he has owned it for two years now and it hasn't given him any problems.

That was just the added reassurance that I needed to know that I chose a great mower. My inlaws are thinking of getting the same one because of the success that we have had with it.

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