Craftsman model #38514

by Fred
(Chicago, Il, USA)

This mower is great. Starts every time even after being stored with gas in it over the winter. Never had to put stabil or anything in it. Cuts great and doesn't get bogged down when I don't cut the grass for a while. Easy to push. I think its less work than the self propelled models.

I have had this mower for 2 years now and have not experienced any issues. I did have the blade sharpened once as I hit a few big sticks with it. Runs fine on any gas.

Once I get it running for the season (about 5 pulls), it starts on the first pull every time. I had another Craftsman with an Eager One motor that lasted me 10 years until the deck started rusting. I’m betting this one will last just as long. Seems like the same design and model as the old one, just I few updated parts.

- usually starts first pull
- long lasting
- cuts great

- none for me

5 out of 5

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