Craftsman Model 917.28745 Garden Tractor

The Craftsman Model 917.28745 Garden Tractor is nearly perfect. The Kohler 26.0 engine delivers tremendous power. I have also found there is plenty of power for towing the Craftman rotor tiller and discs for those with larger gardening in mind.

The attachments go on and off quickly. You might look at their optional weights and tire chains if you want to use the discs.

The 54 inch mower deck makes short work of our 3 acres of hilly yard. The mower deck comes off without too much problems, but I definitely recommend you take plenty of digital pictures of the event so you can more easily reassemble the deck when the time comes.

The pictures in the book are ok, but you will be glad you have your own snapshots. Also while you can probably do this deck change by yourself, an extra pair of hands will make the job go a lot easier.

I got the brush cover the front of my tractor and Its already saved me several dents and dings. I have noticed that getting on and off the mover is a little bit of a challenge because of how they placed the attachment lift lever. It tends to snag your leg a little.

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Apr 16, 2009
I cannot praise my Garden tractor enough
by: Anonymous

My wife and I bought a Craftsman Garden Tractor. Its the model 917.28745. I had a Craftsman lawn tractor before, but we found it was unable to handle the 4 acres of lawn. It would sometimes bog down in high grass, lose traction in wet spots, or fail to climb the hills if the grass wasn't absolutely dry.

I cannot praise my Garden tractor enough. The 6 speed transaxle transmission gives me plenty of speed combinations for mowing, towing, or sowing. The larger engine has been a blessing as well. You can't do better than a Kohler engine and this has 26.0 Horsepower.

I have let the mower set for weeks and the battery always starts it right away as long as I remember to choke. My old mower took forever to mow, but this one has a 54 inch deck. I haven't had it clog on grass shorter than a foot. I will caution you husbands out there.

Before it was my chore to mow, and it was a chore. But now my wife and I argue over whose turn it is to mow. I got my mower form a Sears store p reassembled and I'd recommend you do the same. Some of the direction books are a little confusing. If you take the deck off, take a lot of notes for putting it back on.

You will be glad if someone helps you put the deck back on. Since it Sears, it comes with a lot of accessories, and I have found the brush guard, the tilling discs, and a gasoline powered tow behind rotor tiller to be all great accessories to consider if you want to put in a large garden.

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