Craftsman Model 917.388430 (21” blade, 675 B&S engine)

This Craftsman is an average to slightly above average push mower. It has a nice feature set: powerful engine, easy pull start (one of the easiest I’ve used actually), and large rear wheels for easier pushing and steering. It also has a nice bag that is quite easy to attach and remove and a simple attachment for the side grass thrower; as an added bonus the bag has a dust control liner that keeps so much dust from surrounding the mower when you use the bag.

On the downside, it’s a bit heavy for a push mower but that’s what you get for the more powerful engine (I believe Craftsman makes a nearly identical model with a slightly less powerful engine that is a decent bit lighter). The only thing about this mower that I have seen that does not seem to jive with what is otherwise a well crafted and well designed mower is the gas handle bar; it’s a little on the flimsy side and in fact has come off a couple times when I’ve tipped the mower over to clean it (of course it is easily re-attached, but this just seems like something that could’ve been built a little more robust).

Overall, this is a quality product exactly as you’d expect from Craftsman. I’ve had it for nearly a year now and am still very satisfied with my purchase. I’d give this mower a 4 out of 5 (if you include push mowers with drive assist I’d probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 just because a mower this size could really use that feature).

- powerful engine
- easy pull start
- large rear wheels for easier pushing and steering.

- it’s a bit heavy for a push mower
- the gas handle bar is a little on the flimsy side

4 out of 5

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