Craftsman Pro DLS3500 Lawn Mower

We have had the Craftsman 3500 series lawn tractor for about a year now and are thrilled with it. It has been very reliable and is obviously well made. The engine is a powerful 20horsepower motor with a large gas tank for hours of mowing. The undercarriage features a two blade system that double cuts the grass, which creates a very fine cut for mulching the yard.

The blades are positioned perfectly to provide accurate trimming of edges and powerful enough to cut through open field grass. The mower comes standard with a side shoot, but can be fitted with several attachments including a bagging attachment, tow cart, snow plow blade and many more. The seat is adjustable, making it easy to access the pedals and steering wheel.

The shift stick is to the left of the seat, which provides 6 different speeds and an option to move in reverse motion. This riding mower also has a headlight that provides enough light for finishing up your mowing at dusk, but is not bright enough to mow in the dark.

The only negative that I?d share on this mower is turning radius. Obviously a zero turn mower is going to handle better than a standard 4 wheel lawn mower, but this model has very limited turning radius and provides a deeper cut the sharper the turn. This can leave your lawn uneven in spots.

Mowing in straight lines though, this mower is an excellent machine. Overall, a very well built riding lawn mower that I'll be using for years to come.

-Very comfortable
-Powerful 20hp engine

-Limited turning radius
-Brake is very sensitive

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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