Craftsman Rear-wheel Drive Self-Propelled Model 370752

by Brynne
(Milwaukee, WI)

I purchased this mower almost exactly two years ago. I have had to get the drive cable assembly replaced twice already and it has just broken again for the third time. I have an extended warranty on the mower and I could get it repaired again but do not want the hassle of dealing with it again. Let me explain briefly..the first time it was repaired I had them come to my house to repair it. The trip charge is not covered under warranty so that cost me about $100. The second time, I delivered the mower to a repair center and was informed that they have to send the mower to Illinois for it to be repaired. That took two weeks. If I only needed the mower for trimming purposes, ok. Maybe I could get by without it for 2 weeks but it is my primary mower. Aside from those issues, the mower technically works but I will be purchasing a mower that can be repaired locally (and hopefully one that lasts more than 3 months between repairs).

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