Craftsman Series 675 Platinum

by Richard Savary
(Pasadena, CA)

I recently bought a Craftsman 675 Series push lawn mower, with a self-priming Briggs and Stratton engine. I've only used it once before, and already a problem has cropped up. If I use it until the bag is full, then shut it off to empty the bag, when I try to restart it, it won't start. It seems to have something like compression lock, such that the pull starter is VERY hard to pull, so it's impossible for me to spin it fast enough to start. This started developing the last time I used it, but now it's come all the way home. Today it refused to start completely. After a few minutes, the pull eases up, and then I can start it, though it still seems reluctant.

This is not acceptable! This one has a few extra features, like a relatively big motor, and not having to prime the carburator, which is not something I ever thought I needed. The one feature I'd have gladly paid extra for would be better reliability, e.g. quality.

Hardly an expensive mower, it is still not a stripper, either. These are very simple machines, which I thought were mastered about 80 years ago. I expected this Craftsman to be a better mower (my last one was very similar, and survived 14 years without problems), and I know I can have it fixed under warrantee, but that is a hassle I don't really need. I'm sure it will all turn out alright (could it be because the engine is very tight? Perhaps it will loosen up?), after some legwork on my part, unfortunately not on my lawn. I must say I'm a bit disappointed to have it fail so soon.

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