Craftsman twenty-one inch deck 160cc Honda motor

I just recently purchased a fabulous lawnmower. I bought the Craftsman twenty-one inch deck rear bag front propelled lawn mower with high wheels. This magnificent machine has made my time in the yard a more pleasurable experience than it has ever been.

The Craftsman if self-propelled, allowing the machine to move without any human effort, the only thing you have to do is guide it in the direction in which you want it to go. It has a 160cc Honda motor which allows maximum speed and precision, along with cutting capabilities in tall, thick grass.

This is the easiest machine that I have ever tried to start. The auto-choke is ingenius. More times than not, I will refrain from using the bag because of its mulching capabilities.

It will mulch through think grass with ease. As far as gas is concerned, this mower, with one tank will mow one and a half times.

This is the only thing that I wish the mower had, was a bigger gas tank. Other than that I have no other complaints.

I have owned numerous lawnmovers and none have performed as well as the Craftsman twenty-one inch deck rear bag front propelled lawn mower with high wheels.

I would definitely recommend this outstanding machine to anyone who wants the best.

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Apr 17, 2009
Very powerful and easy to use
by: Anonymous

I bought the Craftsman 21 in. Deck Rear Bag Rear Propelled Lawn Mower and I highly recommend it to everyone. This lawnmower is very, very light weight and extremely quiet which is very good for people like me who keep there lawnmower in the basement which has steps.

I can easily carry it up the stairs myself. The Craftsman lawnmower has a height adjuster which is also really good for me because most lawn mowers do not adjust enough for me because I am short but my husband is really tall so it adjusts to both of our height needs perfectly.

When I bought it, it was completely put together which is also a big plus. I bought this on a very good recommendation from a really close good friend who normally buys lawnmowers that cost over 1000 dollars and I was very happy.

It cut my grass which was at least 10 inches high like it was nothing. Very powerful it has a Honda engine. The Lawn mower was very easy to figure out how to use.

One pull on the cord and it starts up. The lawn mower has both a rear and a side discharge neither of which clog.

So I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new lawn mower. 4 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!

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