Craftsman XR16ZS4

by Antonio
(07657 ridgefeild,NJ)

Perfect Lawn Mower, This lawn mower traverses lots of terrain. Either it is Just simply Mowing your front lawn the strait way.Going up and down a hill or uneven plain this is the ideal lawn mower. Perfect for any one interested in it.This is the best and most easiest way to mow your lawn. It also has a steering wheel so you can go around trees with so much ease. It also has a gauge that says how much you want your grass cut either its 1 inch or 2 inches or whatever it may be.

With this lawn mower you are in charge and you do things the way they were meant to be.The gas container holds about 3 gallons of gas and also runs on diesel.Not too bulky and only weighs about 15 pounds and also the grass catcher bag comes out with ease,it holds about 23 cubic inches of grass and has a small hatch to press the grass out. The blades are so sharp on the lawn mower that it has a hole to stick small branches in it.

For mulch,and there are many interesting settings for the mulcher. You can sit down comfortably in this lawnmower with fully adjustable seating even when you go down hill you can make sure the seat is always level every time. The speed on this lawnmower is 4 Miles per hour and doesn't normally go much faster then that. For more precise cuts you can utilize the precision cutter tool on the side of the mower.

This would have to be the best mower on the market today call and get yours right away. The best way to remove any small amount of shrubs is with the power muncher. It also comes with a tiller attachment to aerate your soil or dirt. Pretty handy in any gardeners garage.

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