Craftsman YT3000 21HP Lawn Tractor

by Renee
(San Antonio, TX)

Earlier this year I decided I needed to get a new lawn mower. For years I have marched behind a push-mower in the hot sun, cutting my grass. I decided at that point to treat myself to something new.

I purchased the Craftsman YT3000 21HP Lawn Tractor riding mower. Its a dark red color, doesn't show a lot of dirt even though we clean it regularly.

The great thing about it is that it has a platinum engine with and oil filter, so its supposed to last forever now. The engine automatically cools itself and the performance on it is great. I have even used the bright headlights at dusk when i was driving around near a ditch in the back of the property.

It came with a 2 year full warranty, but I decided to purchase the extended warranty. Probably not necessary, but I wanted to be safe. The salesperson at Sears was insistent on it.

The mower drives very smooth and it goes pretty fast with 6 speeds. It handles very well when I whip around these bushes in the front and easily chops up everything I drive over. Even things I don't mean to chop up like the hose!

One of my favorite features is the cup holder where I can put my fave cold beverage. I even cut our neighbors yard when they are out of town at their mother in laws for 2 weeks. They were surprised at how great their yard looked when they returned.

I felt the price was really reasonable we got interest free payments on it and its almost paid off now.

- platinum engine
- smooth and fast drive

Cons- can't think of any

5 out of 5

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May 30, 2011
Sears Craftsman not recommended
by: Anonymous

I bought this mower and within 2 hrs. the blade housing broke. Very cheap aluminum casing holds the blade. I called Sears and they told me that a service person would call me the next day. Never received a call. I called back and they told me the same thing. No call. I returned the mower back to Sears. It did cut very well, but the weakest link, should be the strongest link, not the case.

Nov 16, 2010
surprisingly quick and cuts the time in half
by: Anonymous

- Speed
- Attachments

- Uncomfortable Seat
- Tires seem weak

I recently purchased my new lawn tractor from Sears this summer. After checking out a few stores and talking to friends, I came to the conclusion that craftsman would be the best deal. I have a large property, 2 acres, so I upgraded to a larger mowing deck which has already paid off. The lawnmower is surprisingly quick and cuts the time in half compared to using a push mower. In addition to a larger deck, I purchased a snow blade and snow chains for the tires, I have recently been using the mower to plow my driveway which is saving my back from some pain, but not completely due to the fact that the seat is a bit uncomfortable for someone of my larger size. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and it makes maintaining the yard a much easier task.

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