Craftsman ZTS 6000 (Model 107.289920)

by Sue
(Hamilton, Ohio)

Bought the mower last summer and had to have service come and fix it THREE times. Something about the choke not being adjusted properly at the factory...and all 3 times, when they left it was still not fixed (once it has been started once, it starts right up after we couldn't tell if they had fixed it or not). Finally I had my neighbor, a mechanic, fix it for me! So now last week my husband ran over a pretty good size rock! Not Sears' fault, for sure. But I had to buy a new blade. So today I went to the store where we bought the mower and they don't carry those blades in the store. The young lady called the service center to see if they did and they don't. So I had to order it through their parts department. The blade was $21.97 and the shipping was $8.99. That's 40% of the price of the blade. Highway robbery. The stores should carry those replacement blades all the time. So between that and the fact that they couldn't fix the mower after 3 visits, I would never buy a Craftsman mower again. Other than that, the mower works fine.

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