Cub Cadet 3260

by Lew McDaniel
(Independence, WV)

If you need a lawn tractor that can handle 5 to 7 acres, the Cub Cadet 3260 fills the bill. It can handle up to a 50” deck, plus the machine includes power deck lift and power steering. Additional attachments it can run include a snow blower, front blade, and tiller. With 24 horses, there is plenty of power.

You can set the deck suspension mechanism to allow the deck to float or run solely at a fixed height on the deck wheels. If you opt to float the deck, an adjustable manual stop sets the minimum height of cut. Then all you have to do is use the hydraulic lever to raise the deck if the need arises. Removing the deck is a simple process, requiring only three disconnects. To engage or stop the mower, simply pull or push a dash mounted switch.

With power steering and separate pedals for forward and reverse, the Cub is very maneuverable in tight spaces. The machine has a “cruise control” that works fine – as long as the ground you traveling on is very smooth. If not, the control disconnects and can be quite a jolt. The operator’s seat is well padded and supportive and adjusts horizontally.

Servicing the tractor and the deck is simple and straightforward. Grease points are easily accessible. The oil drain on the Kohler engine is easy to get to and operate without making a big mess. Replacing the battery is not all that easy, but the batteries I use last about 3 years so that is not a big problem.

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