Cub Cadet 98M Self Propelled Mower

Let’s cut right to the chase: I love this mower. About the only thing that would make me more impressed with this mower would be if it could cut the grass while I stayed inside where it’s air conditioned. Cub Cadet really put together a great mower in the CC 98M Self Propelled Mower.

The engine starts and runs flawlessly, and this after three years of service. I never have to pull more than once to start the engine unless it’s the first mow of the season. The engine also has a choke that automatically shuts off after about 10-15 seconds. By then the engine is ready to rock and roll.

This mower comes with three choices for the cut grass: you can bag it, discharge it or mulch it. Switching between the options is a simple operation. Simply remove a few easily accessible wingnuts, change the attachment and return the bolts. It couldn’t be easier.
Obviously, one of my favorite features of this mower is that it’s self-propelled.

If you can’t ride on it, at least let it do the pulling, right? The speed of the mower is controlled by a handle that fits perfectly in your right hand. Squeeze a little and you get a little speed; squeeze all the way and you get full speed ahead. Lastly, and I’ve saved the best for last, the swivel wheels. Most push mowers have stationary front wheels.

This means you have to crank on the handle to make the mower turn, or make the front end come up so that you can turn with just the rear wheels. This is a real pain and requires too much work. Cub Cadet has put swivel wheels on the front which makes turning a snap. Instead of fighting with your mower now you just give it a nudge and it follows your lead. It couldn’t hardly be any better.

- Swivel Wheels
- Self-propelled

- Oil change is awkward
- pull cord sometimes slips past holder

5 out of 5

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Sep 17, 2013
lucky to get 2 stars
by: Tom

Bought this mower from tsc and paid out the rear for it .within a month I nad to replace a belt. Three of those expensive little suckers in two years.the handle is a joke, it can't handle the weight of the machine. The wheels in front look cool, but that is all they are good yard is very thick and clogs the mower to the point shutting it down.the bagger stops up. I gave it a two because the motor still runs good. This is my first and last cub cadet.

May 23, 2012
Third pull no charm
by: Anonymous

I have had the unit for two years now and after the first year it became harder to pull/start. I bought the mower so my wife could mow if I could not(had cancer). It now takes 7-9 pulls for me to start the mower, so I have to start for my wife. I contacted the dealer who contacted Cub and they said there was nothing they could do for me. Great warranty!!!

Sep 25, 2011
blade adapter
by: Anonymous

my blade adapter studs have woen down after only 5 months of use. my blade comes off every time i mow now. i need a new blade adapter. help me find one please.

Mar 08, 2011
Poor Design
by: Anonymous

This model of lawnmower has a serious design flaw. The part called the 'baffle' which is under the deck is made out of plastic. There is a close tolerance between the blade and the deck. Under the deck, the baffle, is used to house the blade (you can only see this part if you look under the lawn mower).
Backing the lawnmower over any clump of grass or say even a small mole hill will push and bend the plastic baffle into the blade. The blade will cut through the baffle and create a safety hazard. This starts to happen immediately and can be damaged during the first use of the lawnmower.
I have had this part replaced under warranty and it has already cut through the replacement. The local Tractor Supply company has had these lawnmowers returned for this reason.
As stated, this is a safety hazard and the company should re-design this part using a metal baffle which won't bend into the blade when the lawnmower is backed up.

Oct 08, 2010
Cub Cadet, highly overrated.
by: Hopsagood

Yeah,I bought one too, from Jacobi Sales on Bardstown Rd. Three months old and in the shop. Left wheel stopped turning. I should have stayed with Honda. My own dumb mistake.

Jun 05, 2010
cc98m review
by: Terry N

I bought this Cub Cadet CC98M about a week ago from Tractor Supply for $399.00. What immediately hits you is the rugged build of the bright yellow mower. It looks like it will last for years. It starts on the first far. The free turning front wheels are very cool and makes turning truly a breeze. No more lifting up on the front end of the mower at turns. The only disadvantage here is that since the front wheels are sticking out in front of the mower about extra 8 inches or so, as opposed to a regular fixed front wheel mower, mowing close to something straight on is a little more difficult if not impossible. not a big deal really. Adjustment of the front wheels is kinda funky but not too bad. one lever raises and lowers the rear wheels. Pretty cool. Self propelled is definately an essential here as you would not want to push around this tank without it. I hav'nt changed oil in it yet so no comment on that subject. Overall very pleased after several uses. Extremely well built, easy starts, super easy steering and good looks make the CC98M a keeper!

Apr 10, 2010
So far, so good
by: Dana Kennedy

Just bought my Cub Cadet 98M today at TSC. I mowed my front and back yards, with the bagger on to pick up some of the debris left over from the winter. Lots of leaves and small twigs were scattered over the yard, and the Cub Cadet did a nice job of sucking them up. The bag gets REALLY full on this mower, so you'll want to check its condition periodically. As with all mowers of this type, there is some blow-by, but it's really minimal, even at first.
The power and speed are incredible - at full speed I can just about keep up with the mower. And it's very effective - no missed spots. Starting is so easy I couldn't believe it - my leaf blower is harder to start than this mower!
I paid $400 for this mower, and I think it's about the best thing out there for the money.

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