Cub Cadet LT series Riding Mower

I am a single woman who owns a Cub Cadet LT series. I purchased my riding mower almost three years ago and I am very pleased.

When I purchased my favorite outdoor tool I lived on an half of a large lot which would take 3 hours to push with my push mower.

After a few weeks of ownership I hit a large tree root and the belt slipped. I was sitting on the grass looking at my new toy about to have a very girl moment when I noticed the belt diagram on the deck.

I followed the directions and within a minute or so I was able to put the belt back in place by myself without any problems. Many tools are not designed for ease of use by either a man or a woman so I was VERY pleased to know that I could do simple things myself without having to pull out the toolbox.

A year ago I was relocated and I thought that would be the perfect time for me to downsize my yard so that within 30 minutes I could be finished.

Once I started looking at homes and the yard size I realized I would have to get rid of my Cub Cadet.

I actually starting looking for homes based on where I could keep my favorite outdoor tool. I am here today to say the design of the Cub Cadet is built with the consumer in mind, from the ease of removing the deck for transport to the general upkeep of the mower itself.

I know when I start my riding mower that I will be finished within a decent amount of time with the perfect expectation of someone who spends hours. In my experience there are few products for the lawn which take into account the consumers.

This is my first Cub Cadet and I know that Cub Cadet will the brand I will be loyal too. Cutting my property is a breeze no problems that makes a weekly 'to do' a snap and actually when I put on the headphones I loose track of the time and before I know it the front and back yard is cut to perfection.

I do not endorse products but this is one product in which I would rate with a full five stairs and will admit Cub Cadet is thinking about the consumer and what their needs are for a riding mower.

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May 20, 2011
A really good mower
by: Glen Phillips

I bought my Cub Cadet in 2006 and am in my fifth season cutting my yard of about an acre. I have had no problems up until now.It has an oil leak at the valve cover. It leaks about a pint every 4 hours onto the muffler and only smokes if I make a turn. It is a Kohler 26 horse engine. I have no problem with the mower itself. You can see the quality. I could have bought a John Deere,but I was at a John Deere dealer one day and they were covered up with repair work. I told one of the mechanics that I thought these aren't supposed to tear up and he just rolled his eyes.I had a friend that bought a new J.D. It cost $5200.dollars,and would not cut grass! The dealer came to his house and saw that it would not cut the grass. He took it back and told my friend not to tell anyone. Another reason to buy a cadet.

Jul 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

Have Model Lt 1042 Cub Cadet Rider uses more
Belts then fuel. Has been in repair shop 3 times
for belts has only 92 hours on rider.

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