Cub Cadet, Model LT 1018

This is a medium weight riding mower with a low center of gravity, good engine power, wheel traction, and hydrostatic drive. It is used primarily over hilly terrain and has excellent traction over uneven ground. It has a 42" mulching deck that can be exchanged for a regular mowing deck, if desired. The gas tank is easily accessible on the left side of the seat. There are molded handles one each side of seat and a cup holder on right. There is a variable height lever for grass height.

It takes regular gas. There is a parking brake available to set after shutdown, before start up, or while paused. This is handy to allow one to open or close a gate. The riding mower can also be used to haul loads, via a cart or wagon. Chains can be added for additional traction. The battery is found under the seat and causes engine to shutoff when weight removed from seat. Seat moves forward for easy access to battery.

- Hydrostatic Drive No need to worry about placing a gearshift into forward or reverse,
- that motion is controlled by means of a foot pedal alone; pushing it forward to go straight ahead or pushing pedal down to go in a reverse direction.
- Being able to control your speed by means of a foot pedal allows one to move in a more comfortable forward or reverse direction.
- Well Balanced, Low Center of Gravity The low center of gravity is well balanced, and helps maintain a stable base, making it versatile for mowing or hauling across a slope at an angle.

- No Close Trimming Unable to get deck close enough to a stationary object, i.e. a brick wall, to allow trim work. Mowing Deck Cuts Unevenly Whether mowing in a straight line, back and forth, or around a perimeter, every pass of the deck over uneven ground provides a slight tip of the deck causing an uneven ridged look to the grass.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Jun 30, 2019
Just got one
by: Ken

I have had Murray's all my life, today I paid $200 over in Hertford for a Cub Cadet LT 1018 the sticker on the hood says 1042 so I assume it came off another mower, who cares, I already have the owners manual downloaded, this thing is a beast the cruise is great, the deck is off right now for rework in my shop, but I swear had I known Cubs were this easy to fix, and easy to start I'd have go one years ago instead of the pos 30 year old Murrays
I'll be cutting my grass tomorrow with it :)

Jul 25, 2018
Great Mower at a good price
by: Barrett Swendsen

I just bought this mower off my neighbor to replace my old John Deere riding mower, and I loved it right from the start. It is so easy to use, and has more than enough power to do a good job. I have a lot of exposed tree roots and I can go right over them. It is also very good on all of the slopes going into the drainage ditches that surround my house. It cut my mowing time in half.

Mar 23, 2012
Love this Mower
by: Anonymous

Love this mower, Great traction perfect for my hilly yard. I've owned thisa mower for nearly 6 years now. The only problem I have is that the belts dont last long and you havew to be very carefull to replace the drive belt correctly, or it will really not last long. I have a big yard and it takes half a tank to mow the whole yard est: 1.2 acre total yard. Tires are good. and havent used a trailer or hualed anything but it is a powerfull Mower

Mar 19, 2012
by: dd

How can i tell what year this tractor was made or purchased?

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