Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower

by Pam Goodwin
(Cleveland, TN USA)

Looking for that perfect lawn mower for our home use...we came across this mean, lime green and yellow machine, that promised to do the job at hand.

This is what my husband liked...
With speeds up to 8 miles per hour, this handle bar navigation mower will turn on a dime and get so close to the edging he doesn't have to use a weed eater in most places.

Other considerations was the adjustable mower blades, size of the motor, oil and gas usage. These things probably were important, but for me....

The size of the seat! It's gotta fit. When they say "tractor seat" they don't mean that "bannana seat" that was on my first bike.

Can you see my new Tommy shorts and Nike's? Yes, there's no obstructions while in the drivers seat and visibility is 100%.

Can I hear my cell phone ring? The noise is tolerable, but to be safe, leave it on vibrate just in case. Accessories? OMG! This is just like buying a new outfit. But, don't purchase them just because it goes with the "outfit".

Remember they'll take up more of that precious space you never seem to have enough of.
Serious now, the final decision was the cost and maintenance. The Cub Cadet scored a 10 with us. With regular upkeep this mower should last longer than our cars and get what you pay for...our new toy cost us around $6,000.00.

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