Cub Cadet Tank Riding Mower


The Cub Cadet Tank is a powerful easy to use zero turn mower. It is a comfortable ride and it makes the chore of cutting the grass fun, fast and easy. The zero turn feature allows me to get closer to the landscaping so there is less trimming with the weed eater.

Since I have a large yard in the country, there are areas that I don't cut every week and some that get higher than normal grass. The adjustable blade height is conducive to cutting tall grass easily. It is easy to raise to a higher cut, then lower it and cut it again if necessary.

I do find it necessary to be a little careful with the zero turn part so you don't tear up the lawn. It does take a bit of getting used to but the secret seems to be to turn as you are moving instead of stopping prior to the turn. Also, slowing down a bit seems to prevent the back tires from sliding across the lawn.

The mower is little bit loud and I like to wear head phones and listen to music while I mow the grass. Besides saving the ears it makes it more pleasant.

The mower deck has dual blades and cuts a large path evenly, at one time which cuts down on mowing time. The model I own has dual tanks for fuel. We make one trip to the gas station to fill it up lasts most of the year. The maintenance required on this mower is minimal and very easy. Replacement blades are available at local farm stores as well as dealers and are reasonably priced.

The price of the mower is comparible to others types of zero turn mowers and the value for the dollar is worth it.

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