Cub Cadet Zero Turn 22 HP Riding Mower

by Chad

Cub cadet zero turn 22 HP* Kawasaki V-Twin OHV Engine

I bought this mower from home depot a year ago. My first zero turn mower. Since owning this lawn mower I have become a fan of cub cadet products.

It does take some time getting used to the controls but after that it is a simple operation. The mower is very easy to maneuver. The controls are placed conveniently.

The 22 Horsepower motor is a fine power for residential applications. Also the 50" cutting deck is a adequate size to complete any job in a timely fashion.

This mower does have two safety futures, on the direction handles and on the seat this. The safety on the seat can be a bit of an inconvenient because it is quiet sensitive. Any little pressure that is put off the seat the mower will automatically shut off.

If the direction handles are not engaged the mower will also stop moving. So both of these features are really nice it does make this product very safe for its user. As far as riding goes never been on a more comfortable mower. The seat is very comfortable and the mower rides very smooth.

This mower is quiet too so if your close to your neighbor the noise should not be a big problem. I will say that this is just a lawn mower only if you live on a property like mine and do other chores a tractor would be more applicable but this product serves me just fine.

Overall I was satisfied with this mower and would recommend this mower for anyone who has over an acre to cut grass. Anything less it is a bit overkill.

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