Cub Cadet

by Christa Griffith
(Louisville, KY)

My father bought me this for my 23rd birthday this year and I love it! I really wanted one of the new Zero Degree turning lawn mowers but I did not want to pay the price tag for one and also I really do enjoy the conventional design of the Cub Cadet!

The headlights are bright and accurate, the turning angle is very close to a zero degree mower (it is the best I have experienced anyway) and I like the blade width! I can easily mow my 1.5 acre lot in under one hour!

I would highly suggest this lawn mower to anyone out there looking for a dependable piece of lawn equipment! The only down side is that you have to get the lawn mower serviced every year, which honestly was more costly then I had anticipated!

I ended up spending well over two hundred dollars this season just to keep the mower in good shape! However, I do suppose that it is very similar to the upkeep one must do to keep a good automobile at its best!

All in all I love this mower and really suggest you look into buying one if you are in the market!

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