DIXON 4423/4415

by Usman Zaib
(Islamabad, Federal Capital, Pakistan)

Everybody at my home has always liked to maintain a lawn that should look beautiful so to increase the beauty of the surroundings of our house. It also gives all my family members a soothing feeling when we sit and spend our time together in our lawn. Lawn mower has always been there in our house since i was a child. Now at the age of 24 i can handle the machine myself and love to do it.

I have a DIXON lawn mower that was bought a couple of years back by my father from Islamabad, my home city. It cost him a bit more than $1500. The machine is not a huge one but it is not a tiny kind as well. It has a very comfortable seat thats makes it easy for me to handle and control the movement of the mower.

DIXON has always been among the best when it comes to lawn mowers and after using the one i have it didn't leave any doubt in my mind regarding its results and durability. The flow of the mower is very smooth and i can do the trimming as of my own choice. It doesn't need any physical effort to handle the machine and its hydrolic functions just require the exact direction where it has to be moved.

Honestly Dixon has really increased the beauty of our lawn and all my family members now like to spend leisure time siting in our lawn. I have complete faith in my mower and would like to suggest the same to those who are concerned about the beaty of their lawn or garden.

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